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The surface appearance of the various metals after final treatment such as rolling, etc. Over the years the following finishes have become recognized as standard in their respective fields ALUMINUM SHEET (A) Commercially Bright (B) Bright one side (C) Bright both sides BLACK PLATE (A) Dull finish without luster produced by use of roughened rolls. (B) Bright finish ? a luster finish produced by use of rolls having a moderately smooth surface. COLD ROLLED STEEL SHEETS (A) Commercial finish. A dull satin surface texture produced by roughened rolls (B) Commercial Bright Finish. Bright in appearance with a texture between luster and a very fine matte finish. (C) Luster Finish. Produced by use of ground and polished rolls. (Note: This is not a number 3 finish). COLD ROLLED STRIP STEELS No. 1 Finish ? A dull finish produced without luster by rolling on roughened rolls. No. 2 Finish ? A regular bright finish produced by rolling on moderately bright rolls. No. 3 finish ? Best Bright Finish. A lustrous or high floss finish produced by rolling on highly polished rolls. Also referred to as ?Mirror Finish?. COPPER BASE ALLOYS Acid Dipped ? Dry rolled finished. Produced by dry cold rolling bi chromate dipped alloy with polihed rolls, resulting in a burnished appearnace and retaining the color obtained by dipping(True Metal Color). Bright Dipped Finish ? Finish resulting from an acid dip. Buffed or Polished Surface ? a finish obtained by buffing, resulting in a high gloss or polished finish. Cold Rolled Finish ? A relatively smooth finish obtained by cold rolling plain pickled strip with a lubricant. Dry rolled Finish ? A burnished finish resulting from dry cold rolling by use of polished rolls without any metal lubricant Hot Rolled Finish ? A dark relatively rough oxidized finish resulting from rolling the metal while hot. May subsequently be pickled or bright dipped but the rough surface remains. Stretched Brushed Finish (Satin finish) Obtained by mechanically brushing with wire brushes or by buffing. FLAT WIRE No.2 Finish ? A regular bright finish. No.3 Finish ? Best Bright High Gloss finish produced by use of poplished rolls. Or by special buffing ? this is a negotiated finish STAINLESS COLD ROLLED SHEET and STRIP NOS. 1,2B & 2D No.1 finish ? C.R. Annealed and pickled appearance varies from dull gray matte finish to a fairly reflective surface No.2B Finish ? Same as No.1 finish followed by a final light cold rolled pass generally on highly polished rolls. No.2D finish ? A dull cold rolled finish produced by cold rolling on dull rolls. STAINLESS C.R. SHEET ? Polished Finishes No.3 Finish ? This is an intermediate polished finish. No.4 Finish ? Ground and polished finish. No.6 Finish ? Ground,polished and Tampico Brushed. No.7 Finish ? Ground and High Luster Polished No.8 Finish ? Ground and polished to Mirror Finish. TEMPERED and UNTEMPERED COLD ROLLED CARBON SPRING STEEL STRIP Classified by description as follows: (A). Black Oil Tempered (B). Scaless Tempered (C). Bright Tempered (D). Tempered and Polished (E). Tempered, Polished and Colored (Blue or Straw) TIN PLATE(A). Bright Hot Dipped Finish (B). Electro Matte Dull finish (C). Electro Bright Reflow Finish ? produced by the in the line thermal treatment following electrodeposition