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Scrap (Ferrous)

Ferrous (iron containing) material that generally is remelted and recast into new steel. Integrated steel mills use scrap for up to 25% of their basic oxygen furnace charge; 100% of the mini mills' raw material for their electric furnaces generally is scrap. HOME SCRAP Waste steel that is generated from within the steel mill, through edge trimming and rejects. It normally is sent directly back to the furnace. PROMPT (INDUSTRIAL) SCRAP Excess steel that is trimmed by the auto and appliance stampers and auctioned to scrap buyers as factory bundles. This is a high quality scrap as the result of its low residual content and consistent chemistry. OBSOLETE SCRAP Iron bearing trash. Automobile hulks, worn out refrigerators and useless storage tanks, for example, can be recovered from the junkyard and remelted. The residual impurity of such scrap normally relegates obsolete scrap to the mini mills (see No. 1 Heavy Melt).