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Semi Finished Steel

Steel shapes for example, blooms, billets or slabs that later are rolled into finished products such as beams, bars or sheet. Sendzimir Mill (Z mill) WHAT Compact mill used for rolling cold coils of stainless steel in order to make the steel thinner, smoother, and stronger. WHY To control the thickness of steel better at lower capital cost, and to roll thinner sheets and strips. HOW Stainless steel sheet or strip passes between a matching pair of small work rolls with extremely smooth surfaces, heavily reinforced by clusters of back up rolls. The rolls reduce the steel to the desired thickness. Service Center A catchall name for an operation that buys steel, often processes it in some way and then sells it in a slightly different form. A service center is distinguished from an end user by the fact that, unlike an end user, a service center sells steel, not a fabricated product. Service centers are manufacturers to the extent that they add labor to steel by providing a service.