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Bent Axis Pumps

In this pump, the pistons are at an angle to the drive shaft and Thrust Plate. The piston block shaft is connected to the drive shaft by a universal joint, not shown. The drive shaft, thrust plate, piston block shaft, and piston block all revolve.
The connecting rods are attached to the thrust plate and revolve with it, unlike the swash plate pump where the piston rods slide past a stationary swash plate.

The outlet ports are semi circular holes in the Valve Plate, shown on the far right of the animation on edge and in a head on view below, right.

As the pump revolves, half the pistons suck in fluid as they pass over the intake port. The other pistons discharge their fluid through the outlet port.

This pump should be compared to the radial piston pump, swash plate pump, and wobble pump.

Bent Axis Pump

This shows intake and exit ports for this pump.